REDD was founded in 2011 by Rheno Setyawan, Erfin Infitar and Didik Yuliono, As a company which focus in architecture and interior design, REDD has a strong commitment to be a reckoned company across the country. Our presence brings a new atmosphere in architecture and interior design prioritizing the function values and beauty of art, so we can create the design which realizing our client vision in every project.

We really aware of the intense competition in architecture and interior design industry in the global level, so we are serving our client with the innovative and fresh idea, and make difinitife prediction about new directions and innovations, and standards affecting the design at a global level.

Our professional team oriented to the REDD philosophy who create the design atmosphere with integrated the function, aesthetics, culture, and accountable budget in every project. REDD also provides a comprehensive package of architectural and interior design industry is growing and developing, REDD also open to influences of the news philosophical and sustainable technological developments.

With our presence, REDD hope can provide the innovative design to our clients.